What is Reveel?

Reveel is the first complete visual media recognition platform featuring patent pending technology that recognizes specially tagged images and videos and presents audiences with companion content to drive further engagement and commerce. Reveel opens the door for brands, publishers and broadcasters to instantly turn all forms of visual mass media into massive opportunities to connect with high intent consumers and measure media performance. All without adding watermarks, QR codes or audio layers to existing media.

What can brands and media
outlets do with Reveel?

Reveel creates a new revenue stream, builds brand relationships and keeps customers coming back for more.

  • Extend visual media with engaging videos, information, offers and more
  • Measure the performance of media placements by location
  • Inspire immediate sales online and in nearby stores
  • Connect with a high intent audience
  • Track the path to purchase
  • Acquire new customers
  • Monetize content

Why Reveel?

Reveel provides everything you need to drive deeper brand experiences and increase monetization through your existing print and video media: An easy-to-use mobile app. An SDK to power your own app. A complete cloud-based system to tag and manage your media and companion content. A beautiful mobile experience that captivates consumers. A new sales channel that makes it easy for everyone to buy now.  And insightful real-time analytics. 

  • Easy, fast and economical – Utilizes existing visual media without modification
  • All-in-one campaign solution – Manage content, launch campaigns, measure results
  • Provides online tools for campaign management, content tagging and performance tracking
  • Choose your mobile option – Use the Reveel-it app or your own app powered by Reveel’s SDK